Leadership area
Consucol SAS team counts with the leadership and management of:
Yesid Sandoval

He is an economist with a lot of experience in direction and management of socioeconomic, institutional and financial development projects; in a national and territorial level. In the same way, he has a well known career trajectory in programs of international cooperation, consultancy jobs, and governments advising in the Colombian Orinoquia, and a series of publications associated with the regional development.

Assistant Manager

She is a public accountant, with a specialization in labor rights and social security as well as in investment banking, she has shown great capacity in the management of human resources, financial and tributaries responsibilities, accounting and regular managing of the organizations she handles. Her most outstanding experience was the administrative and financial direction of American cooperation companies operating here in Colombia, with a high amount of financial resources that also have an important number of workers and contractors. She was also an employee of the Ministry of treasury and Public Credit (Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público).

The company has an administrative and financial staff, which includes:
Marcela Patricia Parada Zapata

She is a Financial Officer of Operations, who is a lawyer, specialist in labor rights and social security and an accountant about to graduate. She is in charge of the administration, management, accounting and the resources operations of the company. She has been an administrative and accountant advisor for the Colombia MSI Foundation; administrative assistant for Casals & Associates and ARD Colombia, as well as accountant assistant for the Employees Fund for the Abood Foundation “FonShaio”.

Liliana Montenegro Saavedra

She is a Public Junior Accountant and Systems Technologist. She has worked as an administrative and accounting assistant for CONSUCOL SAS, GHC Transportes SA, Vidriarq Ltda, Colombo Andina de Impresos SA, Algazara SA and Nexos Cargo Ltda.


She is an Administrative and Operative Officer, a technician in systems and managerial software management; she has previous and additional experience on human resources management (GESCORP SAS) and on paper management and customer service (Abogados Asociados).

Jenny Adriana Jaramillo Guartos, is in charge of the general services management for the offices, supported by Sergio Alexander Llanes Pérez, as an administrative assistant.

The technical staff is formed by experts who join every project at the time, and are always supported by four technical officers:

Milena Suancha

She is an economist who joined our company in 2012 and ever since, she has been involved in many different projects as an operative officer, field supervisor and field manager, especially for those projects of international cooperation and management of massive operations of information.

Juley Viviana Palacios Ráquira

She works as an economist and she has a specialization in projects management, her great trajectory in CONSUCOL SAS has been used to support technically, those projects were worked with the American cooperation (TETRATECH – ARD and ACDI VOCA); and with the electoral projects, worked by CARVAJAL Technology and Services since 2010. Previously, she had worked as an operative and administrative assistant for the University of Florida Foundation – FIU.

Sergio Felipe Mora León

He is a social communicator and journalist with a specialization in planning, management and control of the social development. Before he started working for us in CONSUCOL SAS, his professional experience began in CARVAJAL Technology and Services where he gave technical and operative support to different projects related to the management area of massive processes of information.

Fabián Torres Gómez

He is an accountant and commerce technician, with 6 years experience in inventory supervision tasks and warehouse management, for CARVAJAL Technology and Services; and in many other administrative works, store and logistics for companies such as PC SMART, Makro Cómputo, Tallard Technologies Colombia and AC Mayorista.

"Our services, products and results; are based on information, methodologies and resources obtained from knowledge and experience, which allow us to understand, include and balance the whole vision, perspective, interest, contradiction and ambitions given."

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