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Consucol S.A.S. is a company with 29 years experience, which offers all-round and participative solutions for governments, other companies and financial organizations which can be either social or ethnic.

Our challenge is to give consultancy, advising, operation and high quality management with operational excellence, respect for life and environment; openness, responsibility and all-round and participative solutions trough innovative, efficient, creative and impressive services; which add value, growth and richness to ideas and work of governmental authorities, organizations, associations, communities and territories.

Our goal is to consolidate as a solid, trustworthy, multinational firm, recognized by its capacity either corporative and physic, that let us accompany the goal achievement of our clients.

From a flexible organization and a wide net of high level consultants and advisors, we develop a work full of respect for our country that also understands the particularities of realities and territories where we act upon and always our results are the result of the feedback in public spaces, they are criticized and also subject of spread for knowledge and general use.




"Our services, products and results; are based on information, methodologies and resources obtained from knowledge and experience, which allow us to understand, include and balance the whole vision, perspective, interest, contradiction and ambitions given."

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Bogotá D.C., Colombia